RN License Lookup New Mexico

The Registered Nurse (RN) License Lookup in New Mexico is governed by the New Mexico Board of Nursing. The New Mexico Board of Nursing contributes to the lives and health of the people that live in New Mexico every day through education programs and public health activities. The Board’s online verification system is a service provided to licensees, employers and the public. All information provided on the New Mexico State Board of Nursing’s website is updated daily (every 24 hours).

For how to verify a Registered Nurse in New Mexico, please keep reading below.

RN License Lookup New Mexico

RN License Lookup New Mexico

To access online RN verification for New Mexico visit the New Mexico Board of Nursing website.

To lookup an RN license using the New Mexico License Verification System, enter the license number, social security number or last name and first name of the RN you are trying to search. Any of these combinations will generate results. Once you find the person you are searching, you will be provided with license and disciplinary records for the Registered Nurse.

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