RN License Verification Online by State

For RN License Verification, click the appropriateĀ state below and you will be taken to the page with information on how to verify the license of a Registered Nurse in that state. Where applicable, we have also provided information for you to be able to verify licenses for LPN, LPTN, RNP, APRN, CNM, and more. Note that states also provide information on any disciplinary actions taken against the practitioner or any complaints registered.

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1. What Does the State Board of Nursing Do?

Registered Nurses are regulated by the each State’s Board of Nursing. All the state boards belong to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, which is an independent organization that helps state boards work through matters of common interest and develop standards for nursing licensure exams and other matters that affect public heath.

2. What do I need to Verify a License of a Registered Nurse?

In most cases, you will just need the name of the person you are trying to verify the information for. Most state boards of nursing have set up their system such that a name search is sufficient to pull the person’s information. If you know the person’s license number, that is also very helpful. You can also do bulk RN License Verification on some state websites.

3. How do I file a Complaint Against a Nurse?

Nurses are supposed to practice in a manner that is safe, ethical and in compliance with laws and rules governing their profession. If you have witnessed or know of a nurse that has operated in an unethical way or in a manner that breaks the law, you may report the violation to the state’s board of nursing. Here is how you can determine if the nurse’s behavior warrants a complaint:

Is the nurse’s behavior:

  • Unsafe
  • Incompetent
  • Unethical
  • Affected by the use of alcohol, drugs or other chemicals
  • Affected by a physical or mental condition
  • Is in violation of a nursing or nursing-related law or rule

If you believe one or more of these attributes describes the nurse’s behavior, then you may file a complaint to the state board. Most states require a written and signed description of the practice or behavior. Some states will also allow you to file your complaint online or you can also call them at the number we have provided for each state above. Be prepared to provide details of the behavior and it’s important to have the nurse’s name or license number so the board can properly identify the person and conduct any possible investigation of your claim. You can also do a RN License Verification to see if there are any outstanding or past complaints or disciplinary actions against that nurse.

How do I become a Registered Nurse?

There are Three Components to becoming an RN:

1. You have to have graduated from an approved prelicensure RN or LVN/PN nursing education program
2. You have to show a successful completion of NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN examination
3. In some states, you will also have to complete a criminal background check.

For more on how to become a nurse, click here for requirements specific to your home state.